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GOO Fixed Screens

GOO Fixed Screens – all powered by Screen GOO

GOO fixed screens are proudly manufactured locally, using the finest substrate materials and coated with Screen GOO of course, the world's best optical screen paint. With GOO fixed screens you are assured of picture quality, depth, color, brightness and fine geometrical accuracy found only in professional quality reference screens.

Our range of fixed screens come in a variety of substrates, treated with either our ever popular front-projection 2D matte grey (HIGH CONTRASTMAX CONTRAST or ULTRA MAX CONTRAST) or matte white (REFERENCE WHITE); OR our silver 3D coatings (ULTRA SILVER 3D).

Whether you are a home theatre enthusiast or a System Integrator or Designer, sourcing for that perfect screen for your corporate/commercial client, there is a GOO fixed screen for you.  Choose from VITRUM, SPECTUS or SPECTUS 3D.

VITRUM - Fixed Two-In-One screen, powered by Screen GOO

VITRUM, a two-in-one screen, specially developed by us, and powered by SCREEN GOO, was designed to work with Ultra Short Throw (UST) INTERACTIVE projectors.

With the projection surface AND writing surface incorporated into one, VITRUM is ideal for corporate training rooms where it is paired with an UST INTERACTIVE projector.

Finally, VITRUM responds to many questions surrounding space constraints, maximizing expensive real estate and the reduction of hardware.

Until now, most users of UST projectors have had to contend with projecting on a wall, a standard whiteboard or any non-treated surface, with no optical properties.

With VITRUM, not only do they benefit from a SCREEN GOO treated low-maintenance projection surface, which displays sharp, crisp texts with exceptional colour fidelity, it is ALSO their writing surface.

VITRUM actually consists of TWO sheets of clear, transparent, light-weight substrates, both cut to the same size. SCREEN GOO is spray painted onto one sheet to a velvet matte finish, and the other sheet, unpainted, is laid over the painted one. Both are mounted flat onto the wall.

The GOO treated surface is protected against dirt, scratches and marker ink by the unpainted surface. The unpainted surface serves as the writing surface for digital pens that are used with interactive projectors. When the projector interactive feature is disabled or non-existent, standard (erasable) marker pens can be used, like how one would on an ordinary white board.

As an option, the substrates can be chamfered, or the corners rounded off. They can be wall-mounted with decorative studs in a variety of finishes that will transform that ordinary looking projection screen/white board into something stunning, befitting the corporate boardroom.  Designers will be delighted that VITRUM substrates can be framed in any style they fancy, or not at all.

To support the native resolution of most business data projectors, VITRUM is available in 16:10 aspect ratio.

A VITRUM sample can be seen in our office/showroom. For more information on, as well as to purchase VITRUM, please contact us.

SPECTUS / SPECTUS 3D – Fixed front-projection screens, powered by Screen GOO

SPECTUS, our range of customized front projection fixed screens, comes in two versions: 2D and 3D.  Both consist of a solid opaque substrate, of premium quality, treated with either our ever popular front-projection 2D matte grey (HIGH CONTRAST, MAX CONTRAST, ULTRA MAX CONTRAST) or matte white (REFERENCE WHITE); OR our silver 3D coating (ULTRA SILVER 3D).

To meet the needs of either the truly discriminating home theater enthusiast who wants the very best or the corporate user of their new-age high tech boardroom, SPECTUS delivers on what the world has come to expect of a GOO screen:

  • Exceptional colour fidelity
  • Excellent gain with minimal hot spotting
  • Industry-leading horizontal and vertical off-axis characteristics
  • Exceptional affordability
  • Extremely wide viewing angle
  • No colour shift
  • Colour accurate screen structure
  • Depth and dimensionality

There’s more......SPECTUS / SPECTUS 3D can be frame finished in classic timber, modern polished steel, or a standard frame, dressed up to reflect the personality or décor of its owner:  ostrich feathers, velvet, leather, matching wall paper or even faux fur!

To support the native resolutions of both home theatre and business data projectors, SPECTUS / SPECTUS 3D is available in both 16:9 AND 16:10 aspect ratios.

SPECTUS / SPECTUS 3D screens can be seen in our office/showroom. For more information on, as well as to purchase SPECTUS, please contact us.